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Here are some of my favorite links:


The San Francisco Symphony: My home town's orchestra.
The Boston Symphony: The orchestra where I live now.
New World Symphony: This is an orchestra training program in Miami for college students.
Boston Muscian's Association Local 9-535, AFM
A List of Orchestra Web Pages: A good resourse.
Spoleto Festival, USA: A cool festival in Charleston, SC, where this year I played in Benjamin Britten's "Church Parable" Curlew River,Op 71 (1963). We got some pretty good reviews from The Charleston Post and Courier Newspaper.
Tanglewood Music Center: A great musical festival where I also played this summer.
Hot Springs Music Festival: Another wonderful Festival I went for a week.It is run by my good friends Richard and Laura Rosenberg.
PBS Home Page: But of Course.
NPR Online: A source of great knowledge.
BBC: For the Internationalists in us.
This American Life: Another amazing show on NPR...
Boston Lyric Opera called me to play their opera AKHNATEN by Philip Glass. Performances were on January 26, 28, 30m, and February 1, 4, 6m, of 2000. It was a Blast!!!
I won an audition with theSpringfield Symphony Orchestra to be Acting Assistant Principal for the second half of the season and summer. After that I revert to first sub status for 2000-2001. Meanwhile I am acting Principal there for the Berkshire Choral Festival where the orchestra is in residence.
An article about the Alea III tour to the 11th New Music Festival Sound Ways,in St. Petersburgs, Russia, November of 1999.
NASA: Off we go...

It's The 90's

JOE TRIP: The ultimate self-help URL for the New Millennium: This stuff will one day be as dated as disco and pet rocks.
Festival of the Burning Man: This is a new one to me. Talk about sunburns!!!!

Movies and TV

The Simpsons Archive Guides and Lists: My favorite show for years (though recently I have been dissapointed), this is a good place to start to find out about this wacky show.
Star Trek Links: What web page would be complete without it?
Austin Powers:I just love kitch like this.
The Prisoner: A great show.
Another Prisoner site.
CHiPs: Sorry, I couldn't resist the urge.

My Favorite Citys:

San Francisco: This is the wonderful city where I grew up. This is a cool "live cam" page.

Monk's Guide to San Francisco: Cool stuff!!!

Yahoo! SF


Boston: Another great city, I am living here now.
Metroscope of Boston: A what's what of Boston web pages.
Lighthouses of the World: A what's what of lighthouses around the world and web pages.
Legendary Lighthouses, a PBS Special: Another good resource.
Charleston, SC: A beautiful town filled with history and mystery (Not to mention the Spoleto Festival, USA).
Hot Springs, Arkansas: The home of the Hot Springs Music Festival.
More Hot Springs Pages


Apple Computers: Need I say more?
Ultimate Mac Page: The Ultimate page!!!
MacWorld Online: A good source of info and stuff for your mac.
A How To for HTML: This is for me, mainly.
Macintosh Html Stuff: More Mac stuff.

Computer Games:

Larn: A simply yet intrigueing "rogue-like" game. I have not played it in years though, because there is no mac version and I can not figure out how to get it configured onto my Unix server. Maybe it's for the better...
Ambrosia Software: A good place for great mac shareware games and such.
Bradman's Emulation Stop: Home of the MacMAME arcade emulation game. Excellent place for all those old reto 70's and 80's game like Space Invaders and Pac Man, just to name a few.
Atari 2600 Home Page: Remember when 5k ram was a lot, graphics were pixels, and exciting action was games like Combat and Adventure? It lives again.

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